Tulum Eco Retreat

All Inclusive 
March 27-April 3 2022
flight not included*

prices from 1699$ to 2399$ per person
including accommodation, 3 meals per day, all the activities , transportation within Tulum.

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Are you tired of doing the same old thing in the same old way? 


Have you felt stuck in repetitive cycles that no matter how hard you try keep coming around again?

Make 2022 a year of transformation! 

Reprogram, Reprogram and Relax at this life changing retreat. Become the alchemist and transform the pain and frustration of 2021 into self awareness, strength and purpose in this life changing retreat.

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Who Is This Retreat For?


This retreat is for those who have been overworked, unfulfilled and who are seeking  spirituality to find  a deeper and more meaningful  purpose.

Tulum is an energy vortex. Those that venture to Tulum say this energy allows is to release old trauma and heal old wounds. Essentially, it helps us live life in our fullest human potential. 

Tulum is home to retreats, yoga, nature, healing, and beyond. Does it sound like your place ? 

What To Expect

The retreat program includes daily yoga practices, a traditional Mexican Temazcal (sweat lodge), Cacao ceremony, Shamanic Sound journey  and Water blessing ceremony by Julia Quena Kavi, a visit to the ancient ruins of Tulum and Cenote. You'll have the  inique opportunity to experience Tribal Ecstatic Dance accompanied by the live sound of the local artists.  A special place in our retreat is devoted to working with the subconscious mind: certified clinical hypnotherapist Amber Lee Ann will provide  the opportunity to  release old patters of behavior and beliefs and find answers to important questions.  

You are also invited to play  The Game Of Self Knowledge "Leela",  feel the possibilities and go beyond your body through Ice Bath (Wim Hof method), Osho  Dynamic meditation, and other spiritual workshops.

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Sound bath


RAPÉ Ceremony

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Game Of Life

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Cacao Cerem0ny

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Ecstatic Dance



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Ice Bath


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Single Room Accommodation

A spacious room with King sie bed and a private bathroom in a casita (small house). Each casita has an open air living room area and kitchen.


2999$ for 1 person

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Double Room Accommodation

A spacious room for  2 with king bed  and a private bathroom in a casita (small house). Each casita has an open air living room area and kitchen.

3999$ for 2 people 

(1999$ per  each person)

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Triple Room Accommodation

A spacious room with 3 twin beds and a private bathroom in a casita (small house). Each casita has an open air living room area and kitchen.

$1,699 per person 

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Your facilitators

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This is a great opportunity to improve your digestion
establish a deep connection between body and spirit.



(eggs are optional)




She was trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at The Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, Ca. She specializes in regression with her primary focus on Past Lives, Childhood Trauma, Reprograming, and Soul Purpose. She has also been teaching yoga and meditation for over ten years and incorporates these and other practices in conjunction with her Hypnotherapy sessions. She is currently in Tulum, Mx. living and loving her soul purpose, and is excited to help you do the same. 

More about Amber 



She's spent years as an award-winning professional opera singer and vocalist.  Julia plays piano, ukulele, guitar, drums, singing bowls, mexican flute, shruti box, achient percussion. She is certified sound therapist and hypnotherapist. Julia studied breathing practices and cleansing rituals in Mexico, built - and is still building - a relationship with plant medicine in Peru, where she received her spiritual Shipibo name Quena Kavi.

More about Julia