Joshua Tree Retreat

Joshua Tree Retreat


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Julia Quena Kavi
"I've spent years as an award-winning professional opera singer and vocalist. From opera houses to TV shows. By activating my throat chakra, I was finally able to speak my truth and resolve many of the problems that I have struggled with in life. And so, my practice was born.
I combine my passion for vocal performance with my love of Kundalini yoga and playing healing instruments to create a unique sound healing practice.
I invite you to dissolve in the vibrations of singing bowls, shamanic drums, ukulele, guitar, flute, gong, absorb the healing properties  of traditional shamanic songs and mantras” 




My  retreats open the door for everyone who has chosen the path of unlocking their highest potential through ancient cleansing rituals, creativity, music and mystical practices. During the retreat, you have the opportunity to activate your sexual energy through Osho dynamic meditation and ecstatic dance, immerse yourself in deep meditation through sound bath vibrations,  master healing breathing practices with activation of the throat center, discharge the body from negative emotions through ice bath, connect to your higher self through water blessing, feel unity with the universe through the ancient ritual of the cacao ceremony. 


Ritualize it! 

Future Retreats Schedule


12pm Check-in,

-opening ceremony

2pm-  Lunch


3pm -Cleansing ritual

sound bath & guided meditation

4pm-Osho Dynamic Meditation

5pm - Yoga


6pm -  Dinner


8pm - star  gazing

 DAY 3

7am  - Yoga

8am - Breakfast


9 am- Visiting National Park 

12pm - Free time

1pm - Ice Bath

2pm -  Lunch

4pm - Water Blessing Ceremony


6pm  - Dinner

7pm -  Integration Circle


8am  - Yoga

9am - Breakfast


11 am- Sexual Energy Activation

12pm - Free time

1pm - Ecstatic dance followed

by  the sound bath

2pm -  Lunch

3pm - Free time


6pm  - Yoga

7pm -  Dinner

8pm - cacao ceremony 


7am  - Yoga

8am - Breakfast


10am- Checking Out

11 am - Closing Ceremony at Giant Rock &Sound Bath

1pm -Leaving