Sound Bath

Ritualize it!

 If you tune your body and mind at a special time - a new moon and a full moon - it will significantly improve your physical and emotional state.

I'm glad to invite you to my Sound Healing Ritual!

Sound bath will take place in a spacious yoga studio with excellent acoustics. I recommend bringing your own yoga mat, pillow, blackout sleep mask and water.

Please wear comfortable, soft clothing. It's good if you bring a diary with you - perhaps you will have insights that you want to write down. Also you can place on the altar and charge your crystals and spiritual amulets 🌱


Power Yoga East 522 Santa Monica Blvd

522 Santa Monica Boulevard 

Santa Monica, CA 90401 


11/28 6pm-7.30pm

12/5   6pm-7.30pm

12/12 6pm-7.30pm

12/19 6pm-7.30pm

12/26 6pm-7.30pm

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“I've  spent years as an award-winning professional opera singer and vocalist. 

I combine my passion for vocal performance and music  with my love of Kundalini yoga and breathwork to create a unique sound healing practice. I invite you to dissolve in the vibrations of singing bowls, shamanic drums, ukulele, guitar, flute, gong, absorb the healing properties  of traditional shamanic songs and mantras”