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Basic 4-week course 333$
4 one hour online  group sessions

Pro Course 444$
4 one hour online  group sessions and one 1:1  online session

Double or Nothing 555$
4 one hour online  group sessions and two 1:1  online sessions


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The throat is the part of the body where our creative energy is concentrated.In addition, through the throat, we begin a process such as acceptance and assimilation. Not only food, but also





All inferiority complexes necessarily pass through the throat, since a person constantly scolds himself, expresses dissatisfaction with himself: 

🌿appearance, actions.

The throat symbolizes our ability to 

☝️stand up for ourselves, 

☝️to ask for what we want. 

Very often, an indicator of an unhealed throat center is 



Online Zoom


every Tuesday


9, 16, 23, 30

11am-12pm pst


11/09   Vocal Pranayama,
              Guided Meditation

11/16     Healthy singing mode


11/23    Sound Healing 


11/30     Breath Control,

              healthy vocal cords


About me


"I've  spent years as an award-winning professional opera singer and vocalist. In my time I really have done it all. From opera houses to TV shows, I love performing and showcasing my voice. I have found a sense of confidence from singing and performing and realized how psychologically important singing can be as well. By activating my throat chakra, I was finally able to speak my truth and resolve many of the problems that I have struggled with in life. And so, my practice was born.

I combine my passion for vocal performance with my love of Kundalini yoga and breathwork to create a unique practice tailored to each of my clients. Whether vocal courses, speaking practice, or confidence building, I do it all. I  work with professionals on particular songs or music pieces and I  also works with business professionals and those seeking to improve their tone of voice or speaking abilities. I hope to meet the needs of each client and bring them the joy and confidence that I have found in my own life and practice."

Julia Quena Kavi

You Are Not Alone
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I have always wanted to sing, but I lacked the confidence and skills to really feel comfortable using my voice. Julia’s course taught me so much about my voice, my breath, and how to connect with my heart through singing. The lessons were easy to follow and gave me some new tools and skills to practice. If you want to build confidence in your voice, become a better singer, and connect with your throat chakra, then I highly recommend this course! Julia, thank you for sharing your gift of song and teaching with such grace. 



Phoenix Sun

Realtor, yoga practitioner 




Lessons with Julia have drastically changed my ability to use my voice. From all of the breathwork and warm ups, to different tools of pronunciation, I’ve never been more confident in my ability to use my voice as a true instrument for healing. Julia is such a nurturing teacher and soul. She connects with her students in a powerful way! So grateful for her mentorship!


Jessica Esfandiary 

Relationship coach

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"After many years having a blocked throat chakra

Julia helped me open it up ..her skills and embodiment is mind blowing"

Ana Gasol

yoga teacher, holistic coach


"Julia’s vocal healing course was so great for me! I would definitely love to take more singing classes with her. I loved the breathing techniques that she taught us. I also really loved her warm up techniques. I felt very comfortable to open up my voice with her. She really allows to get creative with Your voice and access different parts of your voice. She is such a goddess and so amazing at what she does and I can’t wait to learn more from her"

Lauren Urbiztondo

photographer, life coach

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Lessons with Julia have drastically changed my ability to use my voice. From al